Hair today…gone tomorrow!

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So far my blog has mainly been focused on fashion but I want to incorporate beauty and hair into it too! These are just as important as accessories and can sometimes make or break a look! There were so many different hairstyles on the catwalk this season and everyone should try one. A different hairstyle from what you are used to is so great because you can almost change a whole look by altering your hair and/or make up you have on! Perfect for those of you who are on a budget! 


Spring/summer 2012 Hervé Lèger 

This look is great, just slick back your hair using some hairspray, kirby grips and a couple of bobbles and you are good to go! It doesn’t have to look exactly as it does in the picture, just take inspiration from it and make it your own! Pulling your hair back like this will only show off your beautiful features! And give you a mini facelift!


Gently pulling your hair into a bun adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. If you’re known for your tousled, effortless hair then try this! Surprise people and maybe even yourself at how much you’ll suit it! The key with fashion and beauty is to keep changing it up! Even if you only have 15 outfits, by wearing them with different hairstyles and make up, it will make people think you have 50 different outfits!

People like Rihanna and Katy Perry take hairstyles to the extreme (see below) and unless you have your own personal hairdresser or you’re a pop star I would say go for something a little more down to earth! And easier to manage! 



And to finish…a picture of Kate’s lovely (and manageable!) hair!


Until next time! 



Almost a whole fashion year…

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Gosh, I have been very bad with my fashion blog duties! Sorry sorry :[ But alas, I am back! With lots to talk about, a whole fashion year infact.

Summer is upon us! How EXCITING! Put away your boots and fur-trimmed jackets it’s time for denim shorts and camisoles! :] There are so many great spring/summer trends this year and I will certainly be trying a few of them out! Here are my favourites;

Mint green (and pastels)

This girl looks so cute and she is TOTALLY nailing the pastels trend. It just goes to show that pastels can work on brunettes as well as blondes. So there really is no excuse not to try it. High streets shops like New Look has a really great range of pastel pieces so I recommend trying there.

A short suit!!!

This is a really great day into night outfit. You could even wear the jacket and blouse with plain black trousers for work then change into the shorts and you are ready to go for cocktails! It’s really reminiscent of Coco Chanel and the bouclé suits in her day although this is slightly edgier. If you don’t love your legs then there are many other options on the high street with slightly longer shorts or even try a pencil skirt and matching jacket. Just remember to match match match!

A touch of tropical

Tropical print is something I’m sure you will see a lot of this summer but it’s a great way to brighten up your wardrobe. You can go as crazy and matching as you’d like or just add in a printed top with a more casual outfit to make it more subtle. Whatever you choose be sure to do it! Also looks great with a tan…it’ll look like you just got back from Hawaii!

Crop tops (don’t think bad 90’s crop tops) are in this season. I know most people think ‘I can’t wear a crop top!!!’ but trust me, you can. You just need to wear it with something that flatters your figure. If you’re pear shaped, like me, wear it with a fifties pleated skirt. That way, the eye will be drawn to your upper body and the skirt will skim your hips and bum. The part of your body on show (just below your chest but above your belly-button) is in most women naturally very skinny. So it’s the best part to show off!

If you’re really body confident, wear with some skinny jeans, wedges and you are good to go!

Don’t be afraid to experiment this summer with different shapes and colours! You never know what might suit you so go for it! Be sure to let me know how you get on! :]

Lottie xo

P.S keep your eyes peeled for a new section of this blog I’m going to start! It’s outfit time! :]

Cannes Film Festival

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Cannes Film Festival; sun, sea, France, cocktails, men in suits and woman in beautiful dresses..what more could you want!?

We’re only a few days into the festival and already there has been some great films and fab dresses! The other day I went to the cinema and saw Minuit a Paris – thankfully it was version originale with french sous-titres and I have to say it was very good! I can see why it was chosen to be the opening film this year. Last year it was Black Swan and we all know how well that did. The Iron Lady is another film being shown this year, I hear Meryl Streep is exceptional in it as she is in most of her films. So lots to look forward to!

I thought I’d present some photos of the dresses from this year (so far) and my favourites from throughout the previous years so amusez-bien! (That’s enjoy in French!)

Sarah Jessica Parker in Elie Saab.

Cheryl Cole in Stephane Rolland.

Cute couple, I’m just not so sure about Rachel’s outfit..maybe it’s the colour?

God damn, this woman is to die for! I’ve yet to see her put a fashion foot wrong.

Everyone remembers this, it was when Jack Black let accidentally slip that Brad & Ange were expecting twins! Woops.

Cate Blanchett wearing Armani Prive and looking lovely!

For some reason this dress is very memorable to me, I really think Natalie made a bold statement here with this dress, the whole outfit, accessories, hair & make-up just WORK!

Until next time, fellow fashion lovers!

Met Ball 2011

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One of my most favourite events in the fashion calendar has to be the Met Ball!!! For the past few years I look forward to seeing the photos of all the beautiful celebs in even more beautiful gowns. It really is a chance to go a little bit dramatic but still remain stylish in what you wear and you can certainly see that from last night. This year the ball was paying homage to the great Alexander McQueen. Obviously there were quite a few McQueen gowns and although not everyone was wearing him, everyone seemed to have a little McQueen spirit! There were quite a few Scottish touches to the night, with bagpipes and tartan at the venues entrance and with me being Scottish – I loved it!

Here are some of my favourites from last night, it’s was tough to pick as there were so many beautiful beautiful dresses!

Miranda Kerr looking gorgeous in her Swan Lake inspired dress.

Beautiful, Salma Hayek! In Alexander McQueen.

Blake Lively (this woman can do NO wrong, in my eyes!) and Karl Lagerfeld. 

SJP in Alexander McQueen.

Gisele in McQueen (but old McQueen, this dress is from his Autumn/Winter 2005 collection) quite possibly my favourite!

I could probably put another 10 pictures in here because there were so many gorgeous gowns but I shan’t. Already looking forward to next year!

Wedding Madness

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Aaah, so the Royal Wedding has finally taken place! And wasn’t it fabulous? The main question on my mind (and everyone else’s) was what would Kate wear? I suspected it would be Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen and was very pleased when it was confirmed that the dress was McQueen! She definitely made the right choice in choosing a British designer and it was so perfect. Kate looked so elegant and her dress was timeless.

Made from satin and not silk – good choice as silk crushes so easily.  The dress has a softness that Sarah Burton has brought to the label but also the structure that the McQueen label is known for. A perfect fit for the Duchess of Cambridge!

Another Alexander McQueen dress which I love but maybe wouldn’t have been right for the Royal Wedding! Perhaps too much leg!

I love the new section on, the wedding boutique which has different sections for the bride, mother of the bride and even bridesmaids. The bridal section even has different styles depending on your style, I love the “fashion forward bride” so for women who don’t fancy looking like a giant meringue or who want to look a bit more alternative. These are my favourites;

Lanvin, £4,480

Preen, £995 – my favourite!

Erdem, £4,620

So, the first big wedding of the year has passed but there’s still many more to come but I’m mainly looking forward to the other Kate, Miss Moss’ wedding this summer!

This Month…

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At the moment in France, it’s very sunny and around 20 degrees almost every day which obviously puts me in the summer mood! So I thought I would give you some ideas and some summery & beautiful things that I’ve been drooling over…

Kick-Flare Jeans. While I still adore skinny jeans, I am enjoying the break from them and have been frequently wearing my slightly high-waisted kick flare jeans from H&M.

Very flattering and stylish Notify Opium high-rise flared jeans £190 from

1970’s – A very big trend on the catwalk this Spring/Summer 2011. It gets a big thumbs up from me! This trend is all about retro glamour, pieces such as fringing, suede shorts and crochet waistcoats. Would look good at one of this summer’s many festivals in fact.

Topshop £25.

Chloe £690 at

Just add a pair of cat-eye sunglasses and you are good to go!

This month I want to be….

Diane Kruger. Just saw photos of her this morning from last night’s Green Auction: A bid to save the earth wearing a long-sleeved black Jason Wu dress and a messy fish plait. Beautiful!

A bientôt!

Burberry Prorsum

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I can’t express it enough…I LOVE LOVE LOVE Burberry jackets/coats/trenches! Burberry always seem to bring out the jacket of the season. Every season I think ‘This one is definitely my favourite” but by the next season my mind has changed! I’ve been inspired to write this blog by the amount of celebrities I’ve recently seen wearing Burberry Prorsum. I love how Christopher Bailey updates the classic trench with simple yet quirky touches such as extra leather pieces or sharp studs – it’s something you don’t see very often from other designers. Below are my favourite looks;

Lovely trench jacket updated with leather lining  and collar.

This will be a challenge to copy on the high street! I hope someone tries!

Sold out on – not surprisingly!


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